Mission Statement

Our promise to you from the staff at Muphy's Hair Studio is to offer you quality services at affordable prices.  We guarantee our performance and maintain professionalism.  The Staff at Murphy's Hair Studio makes it our goal to make sure that you are relaxed, comfortable and satisfied when your service is complete.  Our ambition is to keep you coming back and making you and part of our studio family.

Over the past years of my career as a stylist, I saw the need for a salon that catered to everyone and to be supportive to the community on many levels.  We Have come a long way since the meager beginnings of Murphy's Hair Studio with the support of Family, Friends and The Community surrounding us.


As a business located in Downtown Rolla, we tend to get a very divers group of people walking through our door.   We take pride in being part of such a great city and having the opportunity to be "Ambassador's" of sorts for the city or Rolla.


Some of the qualities we prefer to have at our Studio would be, working as a team, education, pampering our clients and having fun doing it.  We may not always be the most politically correct group of people but we enjoy everyone we meet.  Being a truely diverse group of people ourselves we tend to accept people from all walks of life.  

Our Story

Real People Providing Full Spa Services For Real People